Workplace Accountability:  how to build ownership in tech teams

Codemotion organizes an exclusive event dedicated to
CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers. 

April 2 at 15:00.

The CTO Meeting will take place during the first day of
Codemotion Amsterdam Tech Conference, on the 2nd of April 2019.

From a CTO's perspective, there’s a real thirst for increasing leadership accountability.

Building team accountability could be more complicated than it might be recognized and it requires that a CTO understands some groups dynamics.

From an employer's perspective, taking ownership at work is about taking initiative and doing the right thing for the business. It’s about taking responsibility for results and not assuming it’s someone else’s responsibility. It’s the opposite of passing the buck.

Ultimately, when team members consistently demonstrate ownership and accountability, trust is formed. You trust someone will do the right thing and trust that they’ll do what they said they’d do. Trust is the backbone of high-performing teams.

Work on your feedback skills, create a culture of accountability, balance leadership accountability and personal accountability are some of the key issues on the table.

These and more topics will be discussed during this CTO Meeting. Attend this exclusive meeting between CTOs, and bring your own experience as well as the questions that you always wanted to ask other CTOs.


Anne-Christine Polet, VP Digital of PVH
Melanie Rieback - Co-founder Radically Open Security
Paul Buying - CTO of
Joshua Hoffman - CTO at Bloomon

Moderate: Marco Casario, Chief of International Business Development, Codemotion

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