Are you a Community Leader? Boost your Tech Community with our tool

Codemotion now offers a professional tech community organizing tool kit for free.

GDPR compliant pro tools give the organizer of a tech community full control over the community & meetup agendas, member and attendee management.

Analytics is easy on the organizer dashboard once you check your attendees in with a simple click of a button.

5+1 benefits

your tech meetup promoted for free

That's right. As long as you use our tool we will promote your meetup

  1. on our platform's Meetup Section

  2. in our weekly newsletters

  3. across our social channels

  4. on several paid channels

Never pay for organizing or attending a tech meetup!

50 percent meetups

All the tech communities in 1 place

10 years of direct, large scale work with communities and fellow organizers taught us a thing or two about what organizers and attendees want.
Our Tech Community organizer platform is a tool that was developed by us in-house in order to enable, engage and boost Europe's Tech Communities.
Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Madrid or any other city in Europe? We have a meetup for you!
Try our new tool and give us feedback!


Codemotion is strictly GDPR compliant. We do not sell or use your data without your consent. Not now, not ever.