Terms & Conditions 



The promoter of the initiative is Codemotion srl, with registered office in Rome, via Marsala 19/H, taxpayer identification number and V.A.T. number 12392791005 (the “Promoter”).



"La Casa dei Coder Coding Challenge" (hereinafter the “Coding Challenge”) is the initiative promoted by Codemotion that consists of 3 tests to be carried out online, aiming to reward the skills and merit of the best operating minds, whether at a professional level or at an amateur level, in the field of computer programming.



Participation in the Coding Challenge is free of charge and is addressed to all individuals who, at the registration date, are at least 18 (eighteen) years of age (hereinafter the “Participants” or individually the “Participant”).


The ability to program codes at a professional or amateur level is required to take part in the

Coding Challenge.



The Coding Challenge is open from October 5th, 2021 to December 31th, 2021.


Participants can participate in the Coding Challenge through the link:

(hereinafter the “Website”).


The Coding Challenge will be held on the website (hereinafter referred to as "HackerRank"). 

In order to carry out the Coding Challenge, Participants are required to register with HackerRank and accept these Terms & Conditions.  

For any further technical requirements, Codemotion will reserve the right to change the dates of the Coding Challenge, as well as to cancel it, giving notice of it to the Participants.

The participation to the Coding Challenge is individual, free and requires the registration. Indeed, each Participant should fill out the online form with the information required. 

Each Participant shall ensure that the personal data given when registering are true and correct.

The Promoter reserves the right to exclude from the Coding Challenge, at any stage, all subjects who have entered during the registration phase or subsequently communicated, personal information that is not true.



Each Participant may only perform the Coding Challenge once. 

Each Participant has to solve the problems within 3 days (4320 minutes).

Plagiarism will result in immediate exclusion from the Coding Challenge and no prize will be awarded.

The Promoter reserves the right to exclude from the Coding Challenge, at any time and at their sole discretion, any Participant who has incorrectly participated, cheated, altered or compromised the proper functioning and the regular and legitimate course of the Coding Challenge (by way of example but not limited to, any Participant who takes an excessive short amount of time to solve the Coding Challenge), including Participants with respect to whom there is even a suspicion of such behavior and/or violation. 



The Participants’ work will be automatically evaluated by HackerRank, which will assign a score to each Participant based on the number of tests that the code they produced successfully passes. The detailed mechanics of the scoring system can be found on


Those who attend the Online Tech Conference - Italian Edition (November 10th-11th 2021) will get 10% more points in addition to the points obtained from their answers.

“Participation” means being connected on both days of conference  (November 10th-11th 2021), for at least 30 minutes per day, even if not consecutive.

Those who have already reached the maximum achievable score and have been connected both days of conference  (November 10th-11th 2021), for at least 30 minutes per day, even if not consecutive, will have their time spent answering the challenge questions reduced by 10%.

In case of a tie among multiple Participants, preference will be given to the Participant who submitted his/her solution in the shortest time, time reduction included.



The Sponsors of the Coding Challenge (hereinafter the “Partners”) are:

  • TAAL srl - TAAL's Privacy Policy can be found here


The winners (hereinafter the "Winners") of the Coding Challenge will be announced on the Coding Challenge Website.

The Winners of the Coding Challenge will receive as a prize:

  • an Amazon voucher worth € 500,00 (five hundred) for the 1st place winner
  • an Amazon voucher worth € 250,00 (two hundred and fifty) for the 2nd place winner
  • an Amazon voucher worth € 100,00 (one hundred) for the 3rd place winner


The prizes will be delivered within 60 days (sixty) from the date of awarding by the email address provided at the registration.

In the case Codemotion will be unable to award one or more prizes due to delivery problems attributable to the participant (including but not limited to cases in which the address stated during registration is incorrect, incomplete or deactivated), Codemotion will award the prize to the second one in the rank and so on until the fifth.

Codemotion will wait 15 days from the date of awarding to receive confirmation from the winner. If within 15 days, Codemotion hasn't received any response, Codemotion will contact the next in the ranking and so on until the fifth classified.



Each Participant expressly declares that each string of code written as part of the Coding Challenge is original and does not in any way infringe, in whole or in part, upon the intellectual property rights of third parties: for such purpose, each Participant undertakes to hold the Promoter harmless from any and all liability, loss, claim for damages, and/or compensation as may be brought by third parties in such regard.

Each Participant maintains the right to the authorship of the intellectual property work concerning the IT codes developed as part of the Coding Challenge. It is understood that the right of exploitation and use, for any purpose, of the IT codes developed will be transferred to the Promoter, against the prize paid out by the latter to the Participants as remuneration for their work.

The Promoter will assume no liability in case of use and/or abuse of the IT codes produced by the Participants or of any exploitation of the same by anyone who may have become aware of such codes.

Therefore, the Participants hereby waive any claims for damages and/or indemnification against the Promoter in any capacity, for any reason and/or cause.



Registration with and participation in the Coding Challenge implies the Participants’ adhesion to, and complete acceptance of these Terms & Conditions without reservations.

Any Participants who may, according to the unquestionable judgment of the Promoter, have taken part herein in violation of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions or may have become the winners by means and tools capable of circumventing the procedures for participation and conduct of the initiative, will be excluded from the Coding Challenge and will not be awarded.

Each Participant will be solely liable for his/her own programming activity. Therefore, no liabilities will be attributable, by third parties, to the Promoter, in relation to such activity. The Participant commits itself to keep the Promoter undamaged from any injury, prejudice, loss, cost, spending (legal expenses), penalty in which he would incur due to the demand or action of third parts that will lead himself to breach these Terms & Conditions or due to his negligent and made deliberately behaviour.

Before awarding the prize, the Promoter reserves the right to perform all the necessary checks to ascertain the appropriate progress of the competition, including verification of the Participants being over 18 (eighteen) years of age.

The Promoter will assume no responsibility for problems of access, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties concerning technical tools, telephone line, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, an Internet connection that may prevent a Participant from accessing the site and therefore participating.

The Promoter will not be held responsible for failure to receive, or incomplete receipt of, the registration, for any whatsoever reason.

The Promoter will assume no responsibility for cases of non-delivery of e-mails not attributable to the same, including, but not limited to, cases in which the address stated during registration is incorrect, incomplete or deactivated.



Since the registration, the personal data given from the Participants and collected by Codemotion will be processed with the EU Regulation 2016/679 and the Personal Data Protection Code (Decree n. 196/2003), as well as in accordance with the provisions contained in the Privacy Policy.

The Personal Data given by the Participants could be communicated to third parties for the purposes described in the Policy.

The Privacy Policy is available at this URL:

If the Participants, at the time of registration for the Coding Challenge, explicitly agree to share their data with the Coding Challenge Partners, the latter will process the data as Data Controller and in accordance with the aforementioned European Regulation 2016/679.



These Terms & Conditions will be valid with immediate effect and all the instructions contained herein, except for clauses with retrospective effectiveness, will be considered effective for the entire duration set out herein and for each Coding Challenge stage.

These Terms & Conditions are available on the Coding Challenge Website and may be changed by the Promoter at any time. In the event of a conflict between the Regulation and any subsequent amendments, the latter will prevail. The amended Terms & Conditions will come into force once it has been published on the Coding Challenge Website. It is understood that each Participant has accepted the amendments solely for the fact of their participation in the Coding Challenge, without prejudice to the possibility to delete the subscription if there are changes that are not shared by the Participant, by sending an email to the following address:



The Coding challenge is a competition outside the scope of the rules governing prize events, pursuant to and in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph a), of Presidential Decree No. 430/2001, since it should be deemed as an initiative that does not require any prior purchase or payment by Participants and is aimed at rewarding, as payment for performance of work and/or recognition of personal merit, the skills and abilities of the Participants in programming of computer codes (to be understood as scientific work), of which the Promoter will retain the exclusive use.



These Terms & Conditions and the entire Coding Challenge are subject to Italian law.

All disputes that may arise in relation to the Terms & Conditions, including those concerning its validity, effectiveness, interpretation, execution, and termination, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

If a provision of these Terms & Conditions is not valid in accordance with law rules and regulations of a particular country, the provision will be applied within the permitted limits.



Any complaints, communications, or requests for information must be sent by e-mail to the following address