Codemotion Madrid 2020

Call for Papers Guidelines


Are you ready for Codemotion Madrid 2020? 

Read the guidelines below to craft the perfect application and send it to us by April 10.


We are looking forward to paper proposals related to the following topics:

  • JavaScript
  • Frontend
  • Design UX/UI
  • Languages
  • Game Dev
  • Mobile
  • Software Architectures
  • Java
  • DevOps
  • Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Microservices
  • Cybersecurity
  • Rust
  • Quantum
  • Blockchain
  • Voice & Digital Assistants
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • AR/XR/MR
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Inspirational
  • IT Careers
  • Green Tech
  • Agile
  • Ethics

Submissions that do not fit into these categories are also welcome, provided that they are relevant or inspirational for the tech community.


Most of the attendees are experienced IT professionals.

Our audience generally breaks down into:

  • 30% CTO and Tech Leads
  • 45% Senior Developers
  • 15% Junior Developers
  • 10% Students

What do our attendees look for?

Our conference attracts developers, IT professionals and tech lovers with diverse professional backgrounds. We are looking for talks which provide them with:

  • Showcase of technical excellence, latest research and cutting-edge technologies
  • Hands-on knowledge that could be useful for their job
  • Best practices and case studies that can help them become better developers
  • Code! Remember to show some lines of code and some demos
  • Inspirational talks and visions on how technology is shaping the future
  • Talks with great contents, which do not hold a hidden marketing pitch


Codemotion talks are sorted in 4 levels:

  • Beginner: Introductory talk on a cutting edge technology/framework/language etc. Keep always in mind, even when you are delivering a beginner session, that your audience is going to be made up of IT, experienced professionals: so avoid presenting the very basics of your topic.
  • Intermediate: A detailed analysis on some aspects of well-known technologies, issues, topics.
  • Advanced: A deep dive talk for a keen and skilful audience. This is the talk you’d wish to attend to learn something new on your key topic.
  • Non-technical: A wide-ranging and far-reaching proposal on cross-cutting themes: personal career experience and points of view will be highly appreciated.

The audience of our tech conference is getting more and more international and skilled every year: our main aim is to offer them a real opportunity of growth in a multicultural oriented environment. Keep this in mind when choosing the level of your paper proposal.

Our conference is made by several parallel tracks: apart from our usual 40 minute-session talk, this year you can also apply for a 60 minute-small workshop

Some sessions will be recorded and most of the slides will be shared on SlideShare.


The proposals are collected through a public Call for Papers and they are evaluated separately by both tech communities and our Program Committee.
The agenda is created by the Program Committee, on the basis of the outcome of the voting process and the topics chosen for the conference.

All speakers who have applied will be contacted via email: the selected ones about two months before the conference, those who were not selected about one month before the conference.


We appreciate novelty and real case studies: take into account what could be useful to our audience, according to your experience. Also, if you are planning to present a talk you have already delivered elsewhere, try to add a twist, a fresh touch.

Talk title
The title of your talk is probably the hardest part of your application: it has to capture the attendees’ attention and spark their interest. Keep it short, memorable, compelling, with a touch of personality, hinting at the subject and focus of your talk.

Culture & Language
In case you are giving a talk in a place where the dominant language or culture is not your own, we recommend to find someone who represents your target audience in order to review your slides and rehearse your talk.

First-time speaker?
If you are not sure how to craft the perfect application or how to deliver a session that rocks, feel free to contact us: our Program Committee will be happy to review your proposal and provide feedback.