Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): The future of web development

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Jorge Ferreiro

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October 24th 2019 | 7:00 PM CEST


PWAs are the next revolution in web development. In this workshop you will understand the main features of a PWA while learning how to create your own PWA in JavaScript with a real world project running React! 
You will learn how to create an app with:

  • Caching requests: images, CSS, index.html.
  • Web Notifications
  • Payments Api
  • How to setup your app manifest and add to home screen
  • Other PWA functionalities.
Jorge Ferreiro

Speaker: Jorge Ferreiro

Hi! I'm Jorge Ferreiro, a Frontend Software engineer at Eventbrite living in Madrid, Spain, and I'm a former Backend Software Engineer intern at Amazon. I'm passionate about building products that people love, and solving real world problems with software. I like to be in the intersection of design, business, marketing and engineering.

I like to write posts about web development as well as tech career experiences ( I'm a self-taught learner, and currently I'm focusing in PWAs, ES2016, React, Web Performance, Design Systems, and Webpack. I also have Backend experience with technologies such as Node.JS, MongoDB, Redis and Java 8.

Join me in this Workshop and let's have some fun with PWAs!!! ✨🙌

T: @jgferreiro


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